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Michele Rothert is a seasoned public relations and corporate communications professional who has supported the goals of business leaders by helping them to reach vital markets through proactive communications involving the development and promotion of a positive public perception.

During her extensive career, Michele has held positions with major corporations and organizations including Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania (now Highmark), TRUSERV/Servistar Hardware and Lumber, Federated Investors Inc. and Eye and Ear Hospital.  Michele has also operated her own business, Esteta Communications, serving numerous small or specialized organizations including The Webb Law Firm, DT Interpreting, and Weinstein Imaging Associates, along with Coro Latinoamericano-Pittsburgh and various other artistic, cultural and technological ventures.

"Shaping today's business landscape requires leaders to have a superior understanding of public perception and to communicate news and information with finesse for optimal results."


-- Michele Rothert
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